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Brandrill in Western Australia covers major cities such as Perth, Rockingham and Bunbury. At Brand Drill, we not only provide services to our clients, and we also do trading of spare parts. Spare parts are available in our warehouse. We have specialists for every field. You can choose from the following specialisations for your operation like drilling, blasting and mineral analysis, equipment hire, contract mining and manufacturing. We do on-site field service and also we do off- site repairs and maintenance. We are committed to pursue high standards of environment management throughout our operations. We also make sure we are providing a safe environment for our all employees. At our Perth branch, we timely conduct some drill maintenance training sessions as well so that employees get to know the new updates.

Brandrill offers a comprehensive support package to the clients through strategically located service centres, onsite technical support and high-quality in-house parts manufacturing. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge make us a reliable name and the first choice among the leading miners in the world and other mining contractors. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we make sure that our service is fast, reliable and cost-effective. Moreover, owing to the production experience and scientific research, Brandrill uses premium quality raw materials, innovative production technology and rigorous testing methods to produce products with unquestionable quality and flawless performance characteristics. We offer products like rock and loose rock drills, pipe drilling tools, screw drill, open-air blasting hole drilling, geothermal drilling rigs, different types of DTH bits, drill joints, drill pipes and other rig accessories. We have emerged as a reliable platform because of our careful, diligent and patient work, ability to fix problems quickly, take minimum time to response, and so on.

Since our establishment, we have helped numerous clients get the best drilling assistance and maintenance in the city. We not only have a team to conduct the ground work effectively and efficiently, but we also have experts who can help with providing support and consultancy for drilling projects. In addition, we can provide dill training to aspiring engineers and mechanics. All our services are rendered legally and according to safety regulations of the concerned government departments. Thus we are among the best companies for drilling and related assistance in Western Australia. For mining, construction, and other things, you can get in touch with us.

We, at Bran Drill, have a team of highly-trained people who can mobilise to any site with new-age equipment to complete the job effectively and efficiently. All our team members have years of experience in a field service and they can assist you with your tailor-made needs. We take pride in offering our services in remote areas as well. The best part is that we have highly-trained Drill Maintenance Staff that can work to the highest safety standards. We pride ourselves on having OH&S and Environmental standards and Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Our unique work approach, quality service and highly-quality products made us what we are today.

Our Aim

  • To provide a Safe work environment for our employees
  • Excellence in Service
  • Helping our clients to achieve the best from their equipment
  • To provide training for employees
  • Professional advice from experienced staff

Support Services

  • International Drill maintenance support and consultancy
  • International Driller Training
  • International Drill maintenance Training
  • Drill Rig Safety audits

Exploration and Drill/Blast Divisions

  • Drill Sales
  • Equipment lease
  • Sourcing of Drills
  • Spare Parts
  • Service Exchange
  • Drill Rig re-builds
  • Controlled Blasting Services
  • Track rebuilds
  • Onsite maintenance support services
  • Onsite Drill Rig shut-downs
  • Drill fitters, Boiler makers, Auto electricians, Fitter/Machinists
  • Hydraulic Hose making

Our Partners